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Legally, you don't have to insure your mobility scooter, but it is a good idea to get third party insurance which covers you for when other people making a claim against you if you are involved in an accident or cause damage such as colliding with a parked car and damaging it's lights.

Some companies that insure mobility scooters and wheelchairs include:

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There are 2 main types of mobility scooter battery.

Lead acid batteries. These are cheaper, lighter and they last longer, but they need the most maintenance. They contain a mixture of water and electrolyte which must be regularly checked and topped up. Take care not to spill the liquid as it can burn you.

Gel cell batteries. These are more expensive and they often last for a shorter time than lead acid batteries. They can't be spilled, they need no maintenance and they can be taken on planes. BHTA have advice on disabling mobilty scooters for air travel.

Using a mobility scooter on a public road has some risks and some implications. You will find a link below for guidance on using your mobility scooter on public roads in the UK.

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